Family Dentistry - Glen Lake Dental
At Glen Lake Dental, family dentistry means that we are licensed and committed to providing a wide variety of dental services to every member of your family.
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Family Dentistry

Dental Care for Every Stage of Life

Just what is family dentistry?


With so many specialists these days in the dental and healthcare fields, how do you ever know what dentist is right for you?


At Glen Lake Dental, family dentistry means that we are licensed and committed to providing a wide variety of dental services to every member of your family. In fact, we specialize in helping you and your entire family maintain optimal oral health.


Dr. Leonardi and her staff at Glen Lake Dental are committed to helping you transition through life from a dental perspective.

family dentistry goffstown
family dentistry

Starting as early as age one, Dr. Leonardi can see children and evaluate the health of their first erupting baby teeth and educate parents on how best to care for their child’s new teeth.


From baby teeth to permanent teeth to wisdom teeth, we are well-versed in helping children, adolescents, teens, and young adults maintain their healthy smiles through regular checkups, timely procedures, and patient education. It’s important for our younger patients to maintain good oral hygiene during childhood, and we will help them lay down the foundation for a lifetime of big and shiny smiles. Dr. Leonardi is very kind with a gentle and friendly demeanor that puts children at ease, even during treatment. If kids have positive dental experiences while they are young, they are much more likely to maintain routine check-ups for the rest of their lives.

Likewise, our goal with our adult patients is to help you maintain a lifetime of good oral health through regular checkups, timely procedures, and a number of cosmetic and restorative procedures.


Using the latest technology and procedures, Dr. Leonardi provides excellent care for every member of your family. What this means to you is that all of your family’s dental needs can be taken care of under one roof, by one dentist who knows you and you needs.

family dentistry goffstown